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    Favorite Holiday Traditions from Our Turf Valley Family

    Last updated 3 months ago

    We asked our team, "What are your favorite holiday traditions?" Check out their answers below!

    Michael B. - Sales & eCommerce:
    Every Christmas morning, after the kids have opened their gifts, I make them Eggs Benedict… although they didn’t always like it when they were younger, they seem to appreciate it now.

    Terrance W. - Front Office:
    My holiday tradition is Christmas Eve, ornaments exchange party, family and friends we exchange ornaments brought or made. I have Christmas ornaments dating back to the 1940's passed down by aunts and great aunts. My parties started in the seventy's and I also make them and Christmas bulbs.

    Jenny B. - Catering:
    On Thanksgiving, the men typically clean up the meal, we fire up the Johnny Mathis and Perry Como holiday music and all the ladies and children create "make-it-take-it" crafts which are usually Christmas oriented. Each family brings a craft and the means for everyone to make it.  We have all sorts of creations from the past few decades.

    Lynn S. - Front Office:

    - Each child gets a certain amount of money to pick out their own ornament.  We usually go to Valley View.  Afterwards, we go to Hampden to see the lights plus other places for lights.
    - We do family Christmas on the 24th. After presents are given, we play a game with special game presents (funny) then, afterwards play hide/seek.
    - We do an extended family get together where all bring food and then, we sing carols and take a family picture. (We pick a numbers from 1-12 and do the 12 Days of Christmas song with actions and more - try to be creative.)

    Nicole M. - Marketing:
    We make the fresh pasta in abundance, to eat on Christmas day. Our family also writes a poem every year that incorporates new activities/updates on each family member. It rotates each year from family to family. Conveniently, we only need to write it every ten years. But it’s really fun to listen to everyone’s accomplishments from the year!

    Denise N. - Spa:
    Our Christmas Eve starts at 5pm. We do the exact same thing every single year. We go to the early church service, come home and eat lobster, filet mignon and homemade mac n cheese. Then we snuggle around the fireplace and watch the movie The Grinch (with Jim Carey) and then my favorite part...: the kids still sleep on the floor in our bedroom Christmas Eve and we fall asleep watching a Christmas movie so we can all wake up together on Christmas Day. Even though my kids are 24 years old, they still insist on these traditions and we do the same exact thing year after year.

    Bethe B. - Sales:
    - Our family is Norwegian-American and we enjoy the Swedish Meatballs/ Riced potatoes/ Lutefisk and Lefse for Christmas Eve
    - Opening one present on Xmas eve and singing carols
    - Making special cookies for the holidays to enjoy and share with friends, neighbors and family.

    Tracy K. - Sales:
    Our biggest tradition happens on Christmas morning.  My husband goes down stairs first, while the kids and I stand patiently at the top of the stairs.  He gets all the Christmas lights turned on, puts the music on, brews our coffee (a must), and makes their hot chocolate.   It is complete torture for the kids to wait, they can barely contain themselves. But once everything is ready they run down the stairs and we get that “wow” moment.  That moment is my favorite part of the day.

    Stacey S. - Human Resources:
    For my boys (ages 10 & 7), they both get to open their presents to one another. This way,  the gifts & thoughtfulness doesn’t get lost in the Christmas day shuffle. It’s nice.

    Denise R. - Reservations:
    - Being able to open one and one only Christmas gift on Christmas Eve
    - Going to my Grandma's house on Christmas Eve with the entire family for Christmas Eve dinner
    - Getting a bag of dirt and a dump truck as a gift as a little girl every year because I was such a Tomboy growing up. One year I came down the stairs to look under the tree and see no bag of dirt or dump truck. I was SO up set that my Uncle snuck outside with a sandwich baggie and was literally trying to dig up dirt (keep in mind this is December and the ground is frozen) and put it in the bag. He and my Dad then found an old truck in the basement and they hurried up to put it under the tree without me seeing. I know now this as an adult because my Uncle told me the story the other day. My Father passed away on December the 27th years ago to lung cancer, and my Uncle knows how hard this time of year is for my sisters and I, so he was telling us stories the other day. They might seem meaning less to some but the world to my sisters and I.

    Sandy C. - Accounting:
    - My mom used to read to my brother and I on Christmas Eve "The Night Before Christmas" and so she bought one of those recordable books from the Hallmark store and recorded herself reading the book. So my children and I gather on my bed before they go to sleep on Christmas Eve and we listen to my Mom read "The Night before Christmas".
    - On Christmas day my parents, brother, and my mother and father in law all come to our house to open gifts, have dinner and talk about what we are grateful for.

    Donna R. - Human Resources:
    We typically go to Mass on Christmas Eve with my Mom (and Dad when he was alive) with all the siblings and grandkids.  We would then go back to their house and have dinner and open the gifts that were exchanged among the siblings and cousins.  Rudolph usually showed up at some point outside the window and the little ones were always in awe.  (We used a red pointer and would reflect on the trees….worked great).   Everyone went home in excitement of the Christmas morning.

    On Christmas Morning, each family opened gifts from Santa and then all of the families drove back up to my parents house where Santa came up there. We enjoyed watching everyone open more gifts then  Mom would always fixed a big breakfast (including Stollen….a German bread).  We would all go home tired from all the morning activities and then drive back up to Mom (and Dad’s) for a nice Christmas dinner.  These were such wonderful traditions.

    Since Mom’s stroke 5 years ago, we have had to modify tradition a bit but we try to maintain it as much as possible.

    Cheryl B. - Sales:
    Since I was an infant my dad has always read The Night Before Christmas to us all.  We sit on the couch and huddle around him in our jammies.  It is now my kids and my nephews on the couch next to him but there has not been a year that has gone by that we have not done this tradition.
    We always decorate our Christmas tree while listening to the Partridge Family Christmas CD.  It is such fun, upbeat music.

    Jaime P. - Catering:
    - We have always opened one gift on Christmas Eve and then the rest on Christmas morning.
    - I go to my brother’s house every Christmas Eve and he always has the kids gather around him while he reads a Christmas book.

    Andrea B. - eCommerce:
    - Going to Mom's and decorating the tree with my family on Christmas Eve
    - Banberry tarts - my family's signature cookie. They were my father's favorite cookie and mother passed the recipe on to me to take over for her after my father passed away.
    - A first this year - baking cookies with my 2 year old nephew!


    Whatever you celebrate this season, we wish you peace, hope, and joy from our family to yours!

    Relaxing Leisure Packages from Turf Valley

    Last updated 3 months ago

    Although we provide hotel conference facilities and hotel convention space for your corporate needs, Turf Valley also understands the importance of relaxation. With the help of the following leisure packages, you can take a step away from your life to recharge so you feel your best:

    The Black Ankle Winery Tour Package provides round-trip transportation to Black Ankle Winery so you can take a tour and taste some of their fine wines. We also have a Suite Escape Package that sets you up in an Executive King or One-Bedroom Suite, provides dinner for two in Alexandra’s Restaurant, and comes with a bottle of house wine delivered straight to you. Try our Girl’s Night Out with some of your best ladies that includes a room with a golf view and appetizers and dinner in Alexandra’s Restaurant.

    Whether you want to take advantage of one of these leisure packages or need a hotel hall for your next corporate function, Turf Valley is here for you. To learn more about our amenities or to make a reservation, call (888) 833-8873.

    Reasons to Work with a Wedding Planner

    Last updated 3 months ago

    A lot of people have been picturing their wedding for years. Even if you fall into this category, you might start to feel overwhelmed once you begin organizing the details for your big day. Keep reading to find out how a wedding planner can help you get exactly what you want for your wedding without all of the stress:

    It Frees Up Your Schedule
    Between meeting with potential vendors and making countless small decisions about details like table linens, planning a wedding can quickly turn into a full-time job. If you already have a job, a social life, and familial obligations, it can be hard to find the time to fit in your wedding planning. A professional wedding planner can handle the minutia so you have time for your actual life.

    It Provides On-Site Help
    If you have chosen a hotel hall that is out of town as your reception venue, it can be difficult to make plans from far away. Hiring a wedding planner makes it much easier to organize every detail of an out-of-town wedding. A wedding planner makes it easy to get what you want without having to take multiple trips to your venue before your big day. With their professional help, you do not have to work as hard or get as stressed.

    It Helps You Stick to a Budget
    Wedding planners have a lot of experience in the industry, which means they know how to find the best prices for vendors like florists and caterers. If you are working with a tight budget, dealing with a wedding planner makes it easy to bring together your ideal wedding and truly enjoy your special day without spending too much.

    If you are looking for the perfect location for your wedding, look no further than Turf Valley. Located in the stunning hills of Maryland just outside of Baltimore and Washington, D.C., we have the hotel hall and amazing views you need to plan your dream day. Call (888) 833-8873 to start organizing your wedding.

    All About Turf Valley from the People Who Know It Best

    Last updated 3 months ago

    The best hotels are those that know how to treat their employees well. Turf Valley takes the time to provide a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere for the entire staff to ensure that they can give their guests the best service.

    So many employees that leave Turf Valley make the choice to come back at a later time, which shows how much they enjoy working for this family-owned hotel. Check out this video to hear more about what the employees have to say about the hotel.

    Whether you are looking for a hotel with conference facilities or the perfect location for your wedding, Turf Valley has something for you. Located between Baltimore and Washington, D.C., we make it easy to get away from the city and enjoy some peace and amazing views in the hills of Maryland. Call (888) 833-8873 to learn more.

    Tips for the Perfect Office Holiday Party

    Last updated 3 months ago

    Are you planning your office holiday party and stuck on the best way to entertain and engage your employees and their guests? Here are some tips on throwing a memorable, successful party this year!


    • Is there a charity that your business supports? Set up a raffle fundraiser with great prizes to educate and involve your employees in the cause, all while having a good time!
    • Great fun for smaller "everyone knows everyone" business, play Guess the Santa! Ask someone to wear the Santa suit and have them come in the room and deliver gifts. After they have made the rounds, ask if anyone figured out who Santa is. Offer funny prizes for the winners.
    • Incorporate live music into your event! People often find a live band more exciting than a DJ. And you could even gather up a few musically-inclined staff members to sing some carols!
    • Hashtags are everywhere and you can choose one for your party to encourage guests to engage and post pictures of the holiday party fun. You can use the hashtag to find and share the pictures later!
    • And, of course, a photo booth! From parties to weddings, photo booths are almost expected these days and guests are sure to take part in dressing up, grabbing props and jumping in!


    There's still time to plan your holiday party at Turf Valley and receive 20% off your food & beverage! Call 410.465.1200 for more information today. 

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