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    What to Do With Your Wedding Dress After Your Wedding

    Last updated 9 months ago

    “What should I do with my wedding dress now?” is a common question asked by brides after their big day. So we sat down with Chris, a specialist at Schroedl Custom Cleaners, to get the answer.

    Clean It and Preserve It

    Save your wedding dress for your daughter’s wedding or wear it again at your vow renewal by having your gown professionally cleaned and preserved before storing it.  Gowns are cleaned and preserved in a four-step process on-site at Schroedl Custom Cleaners, a Baltimore family-owned and operated business since 1861.  The gowns are first soaked in a solvent to remove any dirt, stains or discoloration.  They are then hand-cleaned to remove any remaining stains and hung in a special drying room.  After dry, the gown is placed on a mannequin and pressed. Finally, the wedding gown is preserved and placed in an acid-free box designed to keep out light, moisture and dust. Brides are always free to inspect their cleaned and pressed gown before preservation.  

    Sell It

    Earn extra money for your honeymoon or for you and your spouse’s first big purchase. There are countless outlets for those brides looking to sell their wedding gowns.  Some dedicated websites even have sections to sell bridesmaids, flower girl, and mother of the bride dresses. Selling your wedding dress will not only help you earn extra cash, but it may also help another bride afford her dream wedding gown.  A used wedding dress can sell for around 50 percent of its retail value, and it’s best to sell right after your wedding – while the dress is still in-season and in-style. 

    Donate It

    Help make a bride’s dream come true by donating your wedding dress.  Many charities accept used wedding gowns, and there are even nonprofit organizations specifically focused on weddings.  Chris shared the story of a bride who recently used Schroedl Custom Cleaners to clean her wedding dress before donating to a charity for wives of military servicemen. Most organizations will request that you have your gown cleaned at home or professionally before making your tax-deductible donation.

    Whichever you decide, Chris highly suggests cleaning your wedding dress right after your wedding day.  Before honeymooning, it is common for a bride to task her maid of honor or mother with having the dress cleaned to keep any stains from setting. There’s nothing worse than finding your gown discolored and stained!  

    Schroedl Custom Cleaners specializes in restoring antique and vintage bridal gowns, stain and discoloration removal, and wedding gown preservation. Meet them at Turf Valley’s 34th Annual Wedding Extravaganza on Friday, January 24, 2014 from 4:30-10:30 pm. Purchase tickets online or call 410.423.0812 for tickets and overnight packages.

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    Get Your Golf Ball to Go Farther with These Tips

    Last updated 10 months ago

    While accuracy is a very important aspect of the golf swing, many people forget to also focus on distance. Learn more about how you can extend your shooting distance by watching this video clip.

    The factor with the most influence on the ball speed is not the power, or the arm speed of your swing—it is actually the club head speed, which is largely determined by how square the swing is. To improve your ability to hit the center of the ball with the middle of the club face, try practicing with club face tape. Watch the video clip for more tips on how to modify your swing for maximum distance.

    At Turf Valley in central Maryland we have two 18-hole golf courses for you to enjoy. Check out our website to learn about our hotel, golf courses, restaurant, spa, and event facilities in greater detail. And if you have any questions, give us a call at (410) 465-1500.

    Essential Advice for the Business Traveler

    Last updated 10 months ago

    As a business traveler you probably travel hundreds of thousands of miles each year. For some corporate travel is very stressful, while others use their time wisely and find it easier to adjust. To ensure that your travel experience is less stressful, follow the tips in the following article.

    Pack Light
    As a traveler, you never need more than one week’s worth of T-shirts, underwear, and socks. Take one pair of pants, one pair of shoes, one sweater, and one jacket. You won’t have to pack any of these, fortunately, because they can be worn on the flight. Hiking clothes are lightweight and versatile, making them ideal for business travel.

    Don’t Forget the Essentials
    Items that you should always have on you include toiletries, sunglasses, a hat, a swimsuit, and gloves. In terms of electronics, be sure to take a USB drive and an international power convertor. Bring a first-aid kit to be on the safe side.

    Adjust to the New Time Zone on the Plane
    Calculate the current time at your destination, and start preparing for the new time zone before you land. If the destination time is approaching your bedtime back home, go to sleep on the plane so that you can start adjusting to the new time zone.

    Use Video-Calling Software
    Connecting with friends, family, and colleagues is less expensive online than it is on the phone, and is much easier. Fortunately, Skype and Google Hangout are free for computer-to-computer communication, even if you are out of the country.

    Find an Empty Row on Your Flight
    If you’re on a long flight that’s not full and you aren’t sitting in business class, move to an empty row. The airline staff won’t have a problem with it, as long as you aren’t trying to move when the seatbelt sign is illuminated.

    If you are a business traveler seeking comfortable accommodation with close access to Baltimore and Washington, DC, come to Turf Valley of central Maryland. Call us at (410) 465-1500 or visit us online for more information about our business center, corporate meeting rooms, golf course, restaurant, and spa.

    Floral Arrangements for Winter Weddings

    Last updated 10 months ago

    Although choices are slightly more limiting in winter, you don’t have to worry as much about the wedding flowers falling apart due to heat, which keeps them looking great for hours. For tips on choosing the best floral arrangement for your winter wedding, watch this video clip.

    Although many of the flowers that you will see at the supermarket and the florist are red and green to celebrate the holidays, it’s best to avoid this for your winter wedding. Something more original and unique is using white and ivory flowers with splashes of green, crystal, or silver.

    Turf Valley resort of central Maryland is in close proximity to both Baltimore and Washington, DC. We offer a broad array of wedding venues that can accommodate anywhere from 50 to 650 guests. Visit our website to learn about the venues and services we offer, and call us at (410) 465-1500 for more information.

    Tips for Planning a Fantastic Holiday Party

    Last updated 10 months ago

    Holiday parties are a fun way to celebrate the season friends and family. But in order to fully enjoy your holiday party without stressing out, it’s necessary to do some planning. Here are some tips that will help ensure that your holiday party is a success.

    Prepare Finger Food
    There’s no need to panic before a holiday party, thinking of the complicated recipes that you will have to make. Instead, prepare easy-to-make finger food and combine it with store-bought goodies such as high-quality rolls, meat, cheese, and olives.

    Opt for Punch
    It may be tempting to grab the cocktail shaker and start serving some of your favorites, but you’ll save yourself a lot of time and trouble if you choose to serve punch, cider, or sangria instead. You can make your own punch using a recipe from online, or buy a mix from the store.

    Set the Mood
    Turn off the bright overhead lights in favor of candles. If your lights have dimmers, be sure to tape them in place so that a guest won’t accidentally lean on the switch and spoil the atmosphere. When you choose music for your holiday party, you’ll want to have about 3 traditional holiday songs for every 10 party favorites, so as not to overwhelm your guests.

    Get the House Ready
    After cleaning the house, arrange the furniture to encourage mingling. Only a third of the guests should have seating, and the buffet should be far from the bar, which should be far away from the recycling and dirty dishes area. Before the guests arrive, fill a large plastic bin with soap and warm water for the dishes, and crack a window to allow warm, cool air in.

    Planning a holiday party can be a challenge. To take the stress out and and reduce your time commitment, have your party at Turf Valley of central Maryland, close to Baltimore and Washington, DC. To find out how you and your guests can enjoy our restaurant, hotel, or hotel convention rooms, visit our website or call us at (410) 465-1500.

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