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    DIY Thanksgiving Decor

    Last updated 9 months ago

    Add a personal touch to your Thanksgiving Dinner this year! You and your family will enjoy making these easy, affordable and fun do-it-yourself Thanksgiving crafts. 

    1. Thanksgiving Placemat

    • Brown parchment paper
    • Black permanent marker
    • Ruler

    Celebrate Thanksgiving with each guest writing their own “I am Thankful for” lists.  Invite each guest to take home their lists as a reminder to be thankful throughout the year.

    2. Apple Candles

    • Apples
    • Tealight candles
    • Craft knife

    These apple candles are a great touch to your décor and help provide a seasonal atmosphere. Remove the stem from each apple and cut out the candle holder shape in the top middle of the apple. Then, place the tealight candle in the hole. Light the candle after placing in the candle.  You can even use mini pumpkins instead of apples!

    3. Thanksgiving Leftovers Boxes

    • Small brown craft boxes
    • Ribbon
    • Printable stickers

    Share leftovers with your guests in these crafty to-go boxes.  Set up a station where each guest can make his own leftover box and seal it with a fun, seasonal sticker and ribbon.

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    Tips to Help You Improve Your Golf Swing

    Last updated 9 months ago

    The game of golf is extremely challenging. Even the professionals need to constantly improve their game in order to stay competitive. Next time you’re at the golf course, whether it’s at home or out of town for meetings, try incorporating the following golf swing tips.

    Avoid Slicing
    The key to avoiding a slice is to maintain control over the clubface. A slice occurs whenever the clubface opens right before it makes impact with the ball. To ensure that the clubface is closed before impact, rotate your forearms during your downswing.

    Hooking Accurately
    Hitting the right side of the ball will cause it to hook left, and hitting the left will cause it to fly to the right. To ensure that your ball goes straight, focus on hitting the center of the ball. A good way to do this is to follow the advice from golf teacher Josh Zander, who says to pick a dimple on the inside part of the ball—in other words, the half closest to you—and try to hit that dimple with the center of your clubface.

    Toe and Heel Tips
    Hitting the ball with the heel of toe of the club can completely dismantle a good shot. To avoid a toe and heel shots, try practicing with three balls. After placing one ball down, place the second ball on the inside, closer to you than the ball you’re trying to hit. Then place the third ball just above the ball you’re trying to hit. The goal is to hit the first ball without hitting the other two.

    Shanking with the Wedge
    If you have a wedge it can be hard to avoid shanking, which is when you hit the ball with the heel of the club. To avoid a shank, you must increase your grip on the club, move further away from the ball, and try to square the clubface as much as possible.

    For the best golf in Maryland, come to Turf Valley, where we have 36 holes of championship golf. We are open to both members and guests of the hotel. Call us at (410) 465-1500 or visit our website to learn more about our golf course.

    Exploring the Top Attractions at Busch Gardens Williamsburg

    Last updated 9 months ago

    People flock from all over the country and even from around the world to experience the fun and magic of Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, Virginia. If you want to show your loved one or your family a fantastic time when you’re in the Washington DC area, take them to Busch Gardens Williamsburg—one of the top 20 most visited parks in the USA. In this article we will give you a closer look the top attractions at the old-world Europe themed Busch Gardens Williamsburg.

    With an alpine mountain theme, Alpengeist is a full-circuit inverted roller coaster with a name that means “Ghost of the Alps” in German. Since Alpengeist opened 16 years ago it has been the tallest and fastest complete circuit inverted coaster in the world. Highlights of the ride include a 195-foot tall ascention, a 170-foot drop, and a 106-foot vertical loop.

    Apollo’s Chariot
    On this roller coaster ride, you will experience roughly 26 second of weightlessness, a top speed of 73 miles per hour, and a 210-foot drop at an angle of 65 degrees in 2 minutes and 15 seconds. Apollo’s Chariot won No. 4 roller coaster of 2012 from the Golden Ticket Awards.

    Halloween and Christmas Attractions
    Howl-O-Screen is the special Halloween-themed event at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. Attractions include haunted houses and Halloween-themed shows. During the month of December you can also visit Christmas Town at Busch Gardens Williamsburg to see millions of lights, a 50-foot animated Christmas tree, and special shopping.

    Mach Tower
    This ride will take you directly upwards until you are at an altitude of 240 feet. After this you will enjoy an adrenaline-pumping, 60-mph free fall. What better way is there to get a view of the entire park?

    If you want to take your family on a vacation they will never forget, visit Turf Valley’s website to make a hotel reservation today. In addition to being close to Busch Gardens Williamsburg, we also offer a spa, golf course, and many other amenities. Call us at (410) 465-1500 or visit our website for more information.

    Fall at Turf Valley [PHOTOS]

    Last updated 9 months ago

    Autumn is in the air and the colors around Turf Valley are astonishing! With vibrant yellow, red, and orange leaves filling trees and falling to the ground, vibrant is just one word to describe our golf and spa resort this season.

    Do you have any Fall Turf Valley photos to share? Connect with us on PinterestFacebook and Twitter to share and for more Turf Valley photos and inspiration!

    Essential Winter Beauty Tips

    Last updated 9 months ago

    With winter comes a variety of things that can be damaging to skin, hair, lips, and eyes. In fact, with the dry indoor air, icy wind, and hot showers that are common in winter, it’s common for the body to become dehydrated. In addition to drinking more water and eating healthily, reparative treatments such as a renewing facial can make a huge difference. A spa-quality facial will infuse your face with a wealth of vitamins that will moisturize, sooth, nourish, and strengthen your skin. A homemade scrub or body wrap can restore and invigorate winter skin and muscles, while relaxing your mind. Finding a restorative hair conditioner is also a great way to keep your hair looking healthy and beautiful this winter.

    If you are in the Baltimore or Washington, DC area, come to Turf Valley for a professional spa treatment. Our picturesque location in central Maryland will ease your mind, and our luxurious spa will sooth your skin. Call us at (410) 465-1500 or visit our website for more information or to make an appointment with us.

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